Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) assumes significance as it permits us to engage in projects or programs related to activities related to social welfare and improvement. To engage in CSR in the normal course of business, we operate in ways to enhance society and the environment, instead of contributing negatively to them.

Our activities under Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
The following activities are performed by MEPL to accomplish its CSR obligations:
  • Eradicating extreme hunger and poverty.
  • Promotion of education.
  • Employment enhancing vocational skills, social business projects.
  • Promoting gender equality and empowering women.
  • Reducing child mortality.
  • Combating human immunodeficiency virus, acquired, immune deficiency syndrome, malaria and other diseases.
  • Ensuring environmental sustainability.
  • Contribution to the Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund or any other fund set up by the Central Government or the State Governments for socio-economic development.
  • Relief and funds for the welfare of the Scheduled Castes, the Scheduled Tribes, other backward classes, minorities and women and such other matters as may be prescribed.