India was the only place in the world where steel was made during Alexander's time, which is one reason why he came to India.

MEPL has been contributing the India's economic development by localizing technology, producing castings machineries for customers inside and outside the country upto 70 Ton single piece, from more than 20 years. In the process we have elevated the reputation of india-built industrial facilities worldwide.

Moreover, we have applied our technology and know how to emerge as a major supplier of industrial equipments. Our work in the power generation plants, cement plants, rolling mills, sugar mills, special steel plants and industrial markets has been well received and have achieved a substantial performance record in these areas.

MEPL today is applying some of the world's best technology and unsurpassed quality to emerge as a major world player that also continues to advance the India plant industry. Moreover, our ongoing drive to eliminate defects and our "customer-first" policy enable us to provide services and products of ever-higher quality and to raise customer satisfaction constantly.

Our management philosophy considers that customers are our teachers, quality is our pride, innovation is our life and people are the most important asset.